An online relationship series.

Love is the most central and coveted of human emotions. It blinds us, makes our palms sweat, sends our heart racing and thoughts fluttering. Love makes us do crazy things, and finds a way to reveal the very best and very worst of us. Love starts wars, and ends them. And, it seems that from the dawn of man we’ve been documenting it with stories and songs. Love offers the deepest meaning of our existence—to love, and be loved back.

We find love, and life is blissful. At least, for a season... Somehow, some way, our personal fairytale fizzles. The “once upon a time” storybook introduction is magic, but “happily ever after” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sound familiar?

One Kingdom is a trailblazing relationship series that approaches the romantic paradigm differently. Therapists Jake and Jenn Dean-Hill developed a curriculum for couples that speaks to the innate longings of men and women—shedding new light on the dynamics of love-life.
We all want a fairytale. To be loved like in storybooks. Kings, queens, knights, princesses, adventure, and castles... But is it really just child’s-play? We say it isn’t. In this 8-session series, Jake and Jenn guide you and your partner through the journey that every relationship takes. Discover how this novel approach to relationship counseling is healing love-lives.

An 8-session adventure

One Kingdom guides you and your partner through the fairytale journey, one destination at a time. In this 8-session online video series, Jake and Jenn unpack the adventure that every relationship must take. While every relationship is dinstinct, you'll learn the common patterns that nearly every couple goes through. Interestingly, you've been reading and watching this fairytale model since childhood; However, the clues to the happily ever after are more difficult to notice.

You’ll learn about fair-fighting, brain chemistry between genders, reaching oneness, the unique heart of men and women, the universal longings we all share, developing a soulmate, and much more. Fairytale love is a journey.

A totally new perspective

Think all marriage seminars are the same?
We don't blame you. After witnessing the temporary relief that today’s common counseling methods offer, Jake & Jenn began to dig deeper... What is really missing from the world’s perpetually broken relationships?

The answer has been staring us in the face, yet somehow gone unnoticed... It’s simple, yet salted with complexities. One Kingdom grew out of years of prayer, study, and unexpected revelation to transform our view of the relationship paradigm.

We want to be royalty. We want our own fairytale. It’s a God-given instinct. We invite you to join us for this one-of-a-kind experience.

Teaching he’ll actually enjoy

Guys don’t like to go to "counseling"—we get it.
Jake and Jenn Dean-Hill have operated their own private practices for over 12 years and counting, and deeply understand how uncomfortable counseling can be for many men at first.

Fortunately, One Kingdom was built to solve that problem. First, this series is presented by both Jake and Jenn as a team. It’s balanced, with no down-talk or gender-bias! Secondly, the Dean-Hills have often observed an unfair attack on men by mainstream counseling, and set out to change it.

In the One Kingdom curriculum, men and women are equally heralded as unique and essential. He can truly feel safe.

Is One Kingdom right for your relationship?

If you and your romantic partner are interested in strengthening, or perhaps even saving your relationship, One Kingdom is a series that's designed for you. Whether you're blissful teenagers looking eagerly toward marriage, a desperate couple facing total meltdown, or anywhere in-between, our perspective on the relationship paradigm will speak life and hope into your situation. We strongly prefer that both individuals in the relationship participate in the workshop, and ordering is only available in pairs. Change begins when you're open to change in you.